There are various methods to register for a HOST class or event

  • Use a link on the HOST calendar
  • Use a link sent via email
  • Some class registrations are managed through the instructor’s company. In that case a participant may register by following the directions on the HOST calendar or in the email regarding the class.


Payment Methods

  • Use a credit card when registering via the HOST calendar or email link
  • The instructor’s company – payment requirements vary by instructor. All accept credit card payment, and each may or may not permit purchase orders or invoicing.

In the event that you cannot use a credit card to register,

contact us at or call 937-644-7789.



Since HOST contracts with outside sources to teach many of the classes, it is important that we provide our sources with timely cancellations. You may cancel associates up to 10 business days before a class and receive a full refund. Cancellations within 10 business days of the start date are charged full price for the seat held by your associate.

You are permitted to substitute one associate for another, up to and including the day the class starts.

You can manage substitutions and cancellations yourself until 10 business days before the class starts.

In the event that we cancel a class, you will be notified in advance of the planned class date.  Therefore, it is important to include the individual participant’s email and phone number on the registration page. If the attendee does not have access to email, it is the responsibility of the ticket buyer to forward all updates, reminders and/or changes to the individual associate.


Weather Cancellations

In the event that Honda is forced to close due to weather conditions, any class that starts the day of a plant closing will be rescheduled. To find out the operation status please call the phone number listed on your registration confirmation or one of the numbers below.


Training Location Status Number
Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) Center
Ohio Locations

East Liberty Plant (ELP)

Union Rural Electric (URE) Building

Honda Support Office (HSO)

Honda Heritage Center (HHC)

Ontario, Canada Locations

Suite Success – Barrie

Hampton Inn – Barrie

Honda of Canada Manufacturing (HCM) – Alliston

Honda Canada (HRA-C) – Markham

All locations – HOST Hotline 937-644-7789


Hotel Reservations

Each supplier is responsible for their own hotel reservations. Local hotels may have a Honda rate. It does not hurt to ask.



Unless otherwise noted, lunch is the responsibility of each associate. Each Honda facility has a cafeteria.  Other training locations have restaurants close by.

Note – not all Honda cafeterias accept credit cards. Please be prepared to pay with cash.



Training location information is available on the HondaEngage website. Start on the Resources tab and click Locations. If you need additional information, please contact us at or call 937-644-7789.


Dress Code

All attendees must follow Honda’s dress code guidelines in order to participate in training. Honda requires all participants to dress in business casual wear.  Proper attire consists of:

  • Dress or polo shirts
  • Khakis, dress pants, skirts, or nice jeans
  • Must be clean and well kept
  • Closed toed shoes, with backs


  • No profanity or controversial logos
  • No exposed midriff or low cut blouses
  • No flip flops or sandals
  • No short skirts
  • No rips or holes


Please keep in mind that each training location is a professional establishment and we must follow certain guidelines in order to keep the image that Honda has established.

It will be up to the Honda instructors to determine what action should be taken if violations to the dress code occur. Dress code violations could result in or up to expulsion from the class. Expulsion does not entitle the participant to a refund.


Please note – in order to ensure proper delivery of communications from HOST, make sure to whitelist or safelist emails from

EventBrite (the registration system)


  1. Ask the subscriber to copy this link and forward it to their IT department.
  2.  The IT professional should then follow the instructions on the MailChimp IP site to calculate the complete range of our IP addresses. After they have the full IP list, they’ll need to whitelist all MailChimp IP addresses on their domain.