About the HondaEngage HOST Team

Shelsa McEntee-Smith  |  Greg DeJaynes |   Makenzie Johnson

Shelsa McEntee-Smith

Though she would really like to have a more worldly past, Shelsa McEntee-Smith was born and raised in Ohio, attended Capital University majoring in Communications and Musical Theater (in Ohio) and has worked in marketing positions in the retail, hospitality and professional sports industries since graduation, focusing on graphic and web design, copywriting, event coordination and social media (all in Ohio). She started with the Honda Engage team assisting in the coordination of conferences, events and reward trips for the HondaEngage department, including new technology and social media initiatives. She now manages training for Honda suppliers throughout North America.

Shelsa currently resides near Marysville (Ohio) with her husband Ryan, their daughter Ianna, and son Kelby.

Dying for some random Shelsa facts? Good. I knew you were.

  1. Shelsa has skills like Hendrix. Seriously. She’s a lefty!
  2. Her other shirt is a cape. Yes, she’s a working mom and that certainly holds true, but she really likes superheroes. Marvel characters in particular. Her favorite, by far, is Deadpool.
  3. She’s a study of antipodes. She loves being outside camping and canoeing with her family equally as much as hunkering down with a good video game. She enjoys shooting sports, but doesn’t enjoy meat. :p She likes scuba diving with her sister but has an obsessive love/fear of sharks. She’s also terrified of spiders. And math. (Though last I checked those weren’t antipodes.)

Greg DeJaynes

Being an Army brat growing up has huge advantages that others do not get to experience. I had the opportunity to live in Europe for a few years, lived on the west coast and in the south. I graduated from Western Kentucky University (Go Big Red!) where I received my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I have worked as an intern at Western in the public relations department, district graphic designer for ARAMARK and now with Honda North America.

I have two sons that absolutely cracks me up and a wife that should be a saint for putting up with me!

My favorite things to do when I’m not hanging out with my family would be playing golf, here recently I have taken up CrossFit.

Makenzie Johnson


Coming soon!