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WilliamAgeeWilliam D. Agee, Jr.

William Agee and Associates, Inc.
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Prior to starting his own firm in 1991, Mr. Agee was a Vice-President in a large international management, consulting, and educational firm specializing in World Class Education, Financial Reviews and Audits, Procurement Service, Quality Management, Manufacturing and Human Resources. Mr. Agee has been involved in purchasing and materials management at various levels for over thirty-years. His purchasing experience includes governmental; (Federal and State), wholesale, retail, service, industrial and manufacturing.
Mr. Agee holds degrees in Marketing and Management. He is affiliated with many companies and organizations including the American Wholesale Marketers Associations, CIBA-Geigy, Allergen, Inc., American Contract Manufacturers Association (AMCON), The Fritz Company, Inc., Diamond Shamrock Corporation, Kodak, Medtronics Interventional Vascular. Currently, Mr. Agee is certified with twelve national and/or international professional associations. The certifications range from Purchasing, Negotiations, Contract Management, Risk Management, Logistics, Quality Management, Leadership, Project Management to Value Specialist. In addition to being certified speaker for ISM, he has held both local and national offices with the organization and has written several articles for leading purchasing and business publications.

Mr. Agee was the Manager of Purchasing and Contract Administration at Allergen, Inc., a Fortune 300 corporation, which manufactures pharmaceutical and over-the-counter eye care products. While in residence, he also became familiar with the manufacturing and planning process for the seventeen different lines of production both for their domestic operations as well as their international branches. Mr. Agee was also contracts manager for a large Department of Energy project where he oversaw the contracts development and management.

Additionally, Mr. Agee taught for Baylor University in the areas of Purchasing and Materials Management. He developed a computerized purchasing simulation program entitled The Smart Buyer to provide realistic perspective of marketplace fluctuations and potential results. In addition, he has developed over 213 educational programs for organizations primarily focused in the areas of SCM, contracting and purchasing. He is the 2005 ISM Award Winner of the Howard W. Cosgrove Award for outstanding contribution to the profession.


Roy Fraker


Roy started his career with Honda August 1, 1983, working on the assembly line at the Marysville Auto Plant. During the next few years, he has had the opportunity to work in several departments including Training, Environmental, and Quality Control.

In the Training department, he was responsible for conducting training classes for the ‘Together Project’, a project that was launched to partner our American team leaders and coordinator with their counter-partners in Japan.

From there he moved into the Environmental Department, where he was responsible for writing emission permits for various equipment. After his stay in Environmental, he was asked to lead a Quality Project Team in the Marysville Motorcycle Plant. He was responsible for developing the team in problem-solving skills and reduce the Rejects Per Units (RPU’s) on the Motorcycles and ATV’s. He worked with this project for seven years before moving on to the North American Technical Group where he managed the training for Honda’s North American Suppliers.

Roy is currently working in the Human Resource and Engagement Group and is responsible for supporting the HR unit manager with the American HR Suppliers.
Roy is certified to teach several courses, including the Kepner Tregoe’s Problem Solving and Decision Making, Project Management, Analytical Trouble Shooting, Honda’s Five Principles for Problem Solving and the Basic Quality Control Tools.
Roy is preparing to retire on April 1, 2016, and following his retirement he plans to continue his support to Honda Suppliers, by the way of training and consulting services. He also will be spending quality time with his wife of 43 years, as well as his children and grandchildren.

Don Jaunzemis

Don is an employee of Ohio Hi-Point Career Center where he has worked for 10 years.  The last 2 years Don has taught classes in the Adult Education Department.  He works with manufacturing companies to educate their employees in core fundamental topics such as Math and Measurement, Blue Print Reading, and GD&T.  He uses a hands on approach in teaching classes to help students learn these concepts.


Andy McInnis

Born and raised in Nova Scotia Andy McInnis was drawn into the training world while serving with the Canadian AirForce.  Starting out on the technical side he eventually transitioned to the AirForce Leadership Academy as a facilitator.  After a fulfilling 20 year career there Andy moved onto a role with Honda Canada in the Quality department which included training duties both internally and with suppliers.  Andy currently facilitates for Honda North America.
With over 25 years in the training field Andy truly understands the importance of educating others and listening to all opinions. A diligent and dedicated worker, with proven leadership skills. He knows firsthand what it means to be a hands-on facilitator with wide ranging experience. His gift is knowing how to effectively utilize training tools and enhance others skills with this knowledge. A strong leader like no other, great talker and motivator.
Throughout his varied career, Andy McInnis has had the opportunity to cultivate and mentor large groups while focusing on system improvements including product and cost analysis, strategic planning, and operations as well as enhancing the overall total customer experience.