The Honda Way – Supplier Orientation

Welcome to Honda!

Honda requires that you watch each of these orientation videos. These videos are meant to bring awareness to various requirements and expectations. Additionally, it is your responsibility to thoroughly read and understand all of our manuals and requirements.

If you have any questions, please ask your Honda representative and we will be happy to clarify. Please think about who in your organization would be most appropriate to watch the various videos. For example, you would want to have your quality manager and quality engineers watch the quality-focused videos.

Hondaweb/Supplier Portal – Manuals, Resources, Systems, & Requirement Access

Once your designated team members have watched their assigned videos, one person from your company will need to complete and submit the self-reporting form located here.

No. Category Video Link Topic
1 General Click for Video – 3 min. Welcome to Honda Purchasing: Organizational Structure, General requirements, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) System, Honda Web & Financial Requirements
2 Sustainability Click for Video – 5.5 min. Supplier Sustainability Requirements and Deliverables. Diversity Expectations
3 Cost Click for Video – 7 min. New Model Development Method (Cost)
4 Cost Click for Video – 9 min. Maker Layout Evaluation
5 Cost Click for Video – 23 min. Quoting Process
6 Cost Click for Video – 8 min. Annual Cost Reduction (ACR) expectations
7 Quality Click for Video – 11 min. An introduction of the Supplier Quality Manual (SQM). Quality Control Regulations and Minimum Quality System Requirements.
8 Quality Click for Video – 24 min. Minimum Process Requirements (MPRs) overview and key points impacting quoting.
9 Quality Click to View Video – 14 min. Honda Engineering Standards (HES) & Important Safety Parts
10 Quality Click for Video – 14 min. Countermeasure Request Form (CRF) Process
11 Quality Click for Video – 6 min. Part validation & Reporting Requirements
12 Quality Click for Video – 10 min. Certification and Regulations Requirements
13 Quality Click for Video – 10 min. Lot Control and Traceability
14 Quality Click for Video – 5 min. Poor quality costs (3rd party sort, expedite, downtime)
15 Quality Click for Video – 5 min. Honda Supply Parts – Domestic Supply Parts Supplier – Quality issues
16 Delivery Click for Video – 8 min. Delivery requirements / Small Lot / Sequencing / etc.
17 Delivery Click for Video – 10 min. 10-day inventory guideline / Finished Goods inventory guideline
18 Delivery Click for Video Packaging / Back up packaging requirements
19 Delivery Click for Video – 7 min. Build-Out responsibility / forecast / lead time
20 Delivery Click for Video – 17 min. Label Minimum Process Requirements
21 Delivery Click for Video – 5 min. Transportation Terms (FOB Honda)
22 Delivery Click for Video – 2 min. Forecasting / Long and Short term
23 Delivery Click for Video – 9 min. Tooling
24 Warranty Click for Video – 12 min. Warranty – Suppliers Financial Responsibility
25 Quality Click for video – 16.5 min. PV Testing




Click for video – 21 min.

Click for video – 13 min.

Quality Documents and Data Collection

New Model Review

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