Workplace Civility: Antidote for Bullying and Harassment? – LIVE WEBINAR

Harassment in the workplace is a troubling legal liability. Despite years of focus on this issue, the statistics on harassment charges and lawsuits show that the issue is not showing much improvement. The “#MeToo” movement and the high-profile nature of recent reports that continue to surface highlight the significance of recognizing and responding to harassment in the workplace—promptly and appropriately. Better still to create a civil workplace environment that discourages harassment in the first place. Workplace civility means that even bullying that does not rise to the level of harassment must be discouraged. This session will discuss the legal concerns surrounding these issues and address practical ways to address them.

Update on Harassment

  • EEOC’s Task Force report (6/2016); Task Force reconvened in June 2018
  • Legal requirements to minimize risk
  • Identifying risk factors in your workplace
  • Auditing your exposure
  • Documentation
  • Current trends and their impact on harassment
  • #MeToo movement-sexual harassment
  • Times Up movement-compensation disparity


  • Potential legal liability
  • Compliance requirements
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Changing landscape with the National Labor Relations Board
  • Recommendations and best practices

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