Worker’s Compensation – What to Know – LIVE WEBINAR

In the event of an occupational accident, injury, illness or the near miss of an accident in the workplace, employers are required to perform a thorough, objective, professional investigation. The investigation’s purpose is to discover the reasons for the accident or near miss occurrence, and then rectify the situation so a further accident is avoidable or becomes less likely.

This webinar will give the non Occupational Safety professional an overview of the Workers Compensation system, and the interplay between Workers Compensation and OSHA. In addition, what to do when there is an accident, and how to investigate an accident. We will also cover several commonly occurring Workers Compensation problematic issues and briefly cover how to review the validity of a suspect claim.

What is Workers Compensation (WC)

What is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
The interplay between safety, OSHA and WC
What to do when an accident occurs, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Who does what in the event of an accident.
The psychology of emergencies.
Guidance reflecting OSHA’s Temporary Workers Initiative
Responsibilities to contractors
Where workplace violence fits in regarding occupational injuries.
How to conduct a basic WC investigation.
WC hot spots; not having good accident reports, getting employees back to work, uncooperative managers or employees and signs of problematic claims

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