Visa Non-Immigration for Payroll – LIVE WEBINAR

As a payroll professional we are being asked by our business partners to expand our knowledge past the US. Companies are going more and more global each day and as payroll professionals we need to be ready for the challenge. This webinar will give you the tools and best practices to understand how we handle employee that are in a non-immigration visa status.

  • Detailed discussion on why it is critical for HR and payroll to work together on anyone being hired that is on a visa status.
  • Understanding the Visa process from how companies obtain a visa for a potential employee to how to handle employees already on visas when being hired.
  • Understanding student visa’s and how to tax employees.
  • Discussions on what is an I-94 card and how important is that in relation to the visa
  • Details of different types of work visa’s such as L-1,E,O,H-1,TN/NAFTA
  • Details of different types of student visa’s such as F-1 & J-1
  • Taxation issues and concerns will be discussed with each type of visa

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