Virtual – U.S./Japan Better Communications (Working Effectively w Americans) – in Japanese

About this event

当セミナーは駐在員必須科目として、北米現地のアメリカ人·カナダ人との職場関係をより一層向上させるため、日本人にとって特に有効なコミュニケーションスキルを習得する講義です。異文化コミュニケーションの専門家を講師に迎え、講義は日本語で行われます。皆様の時間を十分に考慮して、講義を4時間にコンパクト化しました。経験者の方々にもリフレッシュコースとしてお勧めしたい講義です。This seminar is considered essential for Japanese associates, as they will gain communication skills especially effective for Japanese that will allow them to improve even more their working relationships with their N. American counterparts. With a cultural communications specialist as the instructor, the seminar is conducted in Japanese. In consideration of everyone’s time, this seminar has been condensed into 4 hours. It is also recommended as a refresher course for the more experienced.講義概要 Course Outline:· Coping with language barrier 言葉の壁を乗り越す· Cross cultural communication 異文化コミュニケーション· Effective meeting management 効果的な会議実施法· Information sharing 情報の伝達· Effective Workplace Relations 効果的職場関係

What Attendees are Saying:

“In this seminar I became aware of things that I do not normally notice, from the perspective of a third-party observer. It was extremely easy to understand and very meaningful, and we want to offer it to other members of our staff. ”

“Our entire management team needs to take this course.”

“I was able to deepen my understanding of the cultural differences that exist. The specific examples given were very relevant.”

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