Virtual – Making Sense of Requirements Affecting Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

Whether you’ve been managing employees for many years or you’re getting ready to manage a team, you need to understand the pay practices relevant and required for the type of employees you oversee. The two basic pay employee status types under federal and state laws are exempt and non-exempt. Beyond knowing that one type is paid a salary and the other is paid an hourly rate, what more is there to know? By the end of this course, you’ll familiarize yourself with a several differing factors under the broader subject commonly referred to as “Wage and Hour.” We’ll also touch upon the more common exemptions that apply to executive, administrative, and professional employees.

In this modern “gig” economy, we’ll also explore the differences between an employee and independent contractor. Understanding how each one operates relative to expectations and requirements dictated by you as the employer will prepare you for classifying workers correctly and managing their work appropriately.

Special topics will also cover the additional complexity of teleworking and other COVID-19-related matters that employers must consider.

This course is designed to be practical, so we’ll take a look at common mistakes that employers make in attempting to comply with wage and hour requirements. Furthermore, we’ll review best practices to help you stay in compliance.

Areas Covered During Training:
•    Source of federal law for wage and hour requirements.
•    Exempt and non-exempt classifications.
•    Exemptions that apply to executive, administrative, and professional employees.
•    Employee versus independent contractor.
•    State meal and rest break requirements.
•    COVID-19 topics regarding working from home and health/safety requirements.
•    Recordkeeping best practices for wage and hour requirements compliance.

Why Should You Attend:
Pay practices may seem simple, especially if you’re not doing it properly for your exempt and non-exempt employees. Business owners and anyone who manages employees need to be aware of the federal and state federal and state wage and hour requirements.

From misclassifying employees’ status to improperly paying employees, to incurring penalties and fines, to making recordkeeping mistakes – the playing field if fraught with risks for non-compliance. This course is designed to give you a practical overview of the requirements along with strategies for implementing policies and procedures for wage and hour compliance.

As if the basics were not complicated enough, employers now face an additional layer of complexity in managing through and apply federal, state, and safety-related mandates that apply to their employees.

Who Should Attend:
•    Business owners, leaders, and managers who currently have employees
•    Business owners, leaders, and managers who will be hiring employees
•    Business owners, leaders, and managers who are considering hiring an independent contractor
•    Current leaders who have manage employees (either exempt or non-exempt)
•    Executive, Vice President, Director, Manager, Supervisor


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