Virtual – HR in Times Of a Crisis

When a crisis occurs, employees and business leaders turn to HR for direction.  HR must be prepared to swiftly act in order to keep employees safe in times of crisis. Having a plan in advance is key since creating a plan during the crisis is often too late.

Learning Objectives Covered During This Session:

  1. Determine what a crisis is/ is not and how to safely take action
  2. Crisis best practices using your emergency preparedness plan
  3. Communication strategies during a crisis
  4. Crisis resources for the business as well as the individual employee and their family
  5. Understand the role of HR in a crisis

Why attend?
As we have experienced a great deal in the past few years, crisis’ happen whether we are prepared or not. This session will give you guidance in order to kick start your crisis preparedness journey. In this session, we will cover topics ranging from emergency preparedness (including fires, natural disasters, terrorism and pandemics), crisis best practices, communication strategies and crisis resources.

Online (Pink)