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Effective Communication Skills How You Will Benefit Communication in the workplace can make or break your organization. In fact, organizati

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Effective Communication Skills

How You Will Benefit

Communication in the workplace can make or break your organization. In fact, organizations with effective communication are 50 percent more likely to have low employee turnover rates.

One of the primary benefits of effective communication skills is that you’ll be able to better understand your team and its needs. If your employees know that you listen to them and take care of them, they will perform better and feel more motivated to help. Take the time to listen to your team and find out what it needs to function at its peak. Provide feedback regularly and get involved in every project. Show your employees that you care about their opinions and encourage them to brainstorm ideas.


Lack of appreciation is the reason why 79 percent of people quit their jobs. No matter how much you appreciate your employees, they’ll never know it unless you tell them.


Benefits of Effective Communication Skills

A work place that employs ECS skills will:

–        Lead to greater confidence and satisfaction within your team

–        Enable you to express your values and explore those of others

–        Sharpen your ability to reason and think quickly

–        Open 2-way communication

–        Allows for immediate response to questions, misinterpretations and feedback

–        Take advantage of voice and body language

–        Increase employee loyalty

Course Objectives

At the completion of this module participants will increase their ability to:

–        Achieve an in-depth understanding of the components that make up effective communication

–        Develop the ability to recognize communication barriers before total breakdown occurs

–          Gain insight into the appropriate environment necessary for effective communication and your role in creating this climate

–          Display an increased effort toward seeking to understand another’s perspective before expressing your own interpretation

–          Implement skills to reduce conflict resulting from clashes of communication styles.

–          Increase awareness and effectiveness in non-defensive communication knowledge, skills, and ideas

Key Topics Covered

This course explores the following subjects in depth:

–        Understanding your communication environment

–        Cost of communication breakdowns

–        Reasons why we communicate

–        Identifying and dealing with emotions

–        Self-awareness when communicating with others

–        Collaboration

–        Poor listening habits

–        Focusing on the speaker, non-verbal behaviour

–        Managing distractions

–        Learning to pause and check for understanding

–        Strategies for delivering a clear message

–        Generational differences when communicating

–        What’s my communication style profile

What the Course Offers

–          Experiential learning setting

–          Opportunity to learn from others while applying the concepts in a risk-free environment

–          Complete set of materials including participant guide and classroom videos

–          Self assessment on your own communication style


Instructor: Duane Tribune

What Attendees Are Saying:

“The opportunity to brainstorm and discuss in both small and large groups was very appreciated. The content was all things that I can use to develop my own communication skills daily.”

“The job applications are endless – I liked discovering my own communication and listening skills to use for future improved communication.”

“The discussion of communication skills and generation gaps was useful. I will do my best to now listen and use open-ended questions.”

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