Understanding the Federal and State Protections and Laws Regarding Marijuana Use

More and more states have taken affirmative steps to protect both medical and recreational marijuana use.  But where do federal laws stand on the issues?  This webinar will focus on state and federal laws regarding use of marijuana (both medical and recreational), key issues in handling drug testing policies and employee use of marijuana, as well proper handling of requests for use of marijuana under the Americans with Disabilities act as a reasonable accommodation.  Professionals will also learn the dangers that can be caused  by failing to document the interactive process when employee’s request a marijuana related accommodation, and best practices to limit liability when things don’t go as planned.


  • Summary of current marijuana laws
  • Federal laws regarding marijuana use
  • Understanding importance of interactive process
  • Case law update on important cases with impact on marijuana use
  • How to address vaping and CBD oil in the workplace
  • Effective use of interactive process and identifying best practices and policies


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