Travel Pay Explained – LIVE WEBINAR

Travel Pay Explained

Travel time is one of those “soft” hidden preliminary and postliminary activities employers may not think of as being compensable. The truth, however, is that there are circumstances travel time is compensable. The key issues in many instances is whether an employee is engaged in travel as part of the employee’s principal activity and/or for the benefit and convenience of the employer. This webinar will give the legal framework and practical guidance from a FLSA perspective, on how to handle (i.e. compensate or not) different scenarios revolving around employee travel, whether it be by car or air.


Home To Work Commute Issues
Overnight Travel
Use of Employer Vehicles
Compensation Issues Related to Travel Time
Other Working Time Issues (time permitting)
Meetings/Training Time
On-Call Time
E-mail/Blackberry Cases

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