CANCELED- Supplier Sourcing and Strategy (2 Days) – Ohio – Purchasing Series

Supplier Sourcing and Strategy


  • Why we need better qualification of sources
  • The evolving role of supply in the procurement of services
  • Increasing value of qualified source of supply
  • Current trends
  • The expanding role of supply in the procurement of services
  • Shift from passive to proactive
  • Comparison and contrast with applications
  • The increasing value or audits
  • Pre-qualification
  • Past performance
  • Financial
  • Risk management
  • Implementing a strategic sourcing plan
  • Dealing effectively with internal customers
  • Identifying pre-requisites for a successful provider relationship
  • Major criteria to consider
  • Supplier selection – transaction vs relationship orientation
  • Services to consider
  • The procurement process for sourcing
  • Horizon for planning
  • Time to drop dead
  • Pre-qualification of sources
  • Type of solicitation to employ
  • Dealing effectively with the difference between services and materials
  • Type of statement of work to employ
  • Quick reference chart
  • Outsourcing of certain aspects of the acquisition
  • Proper definition
  • How and when to apply
  • Risk and potential benefits of outsourcing
  • What to look for in an outsource candidate
  • Developing and managing service contracts
  • Recognizing the differences between contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • Contract law basis
  • International legal aspects
  • Applying quality principles in the procurement of services
  • Developing supplier service performance metrics
  • Applying Kaizen techniques to services
  • Applying total cost of ownership (TCO) to best value
  • Price principles and their use and application
  • Should cost values
  • Negotiation to secure the overall best value solution
  • Case Studies – Review and Analysis

1 of 4 additional courses in the Purchasing Series. Complete three of the four courses to earn the Honda Supplier Training Advanced Automotive Buyer Certification.

US - Ohio (Green)