Strategies for Dealing with FMLA Abuse – LIVE WEBINAR

Strategies for Dealing with FMLA Abuse

Managing an employee’s FMLA leave can be complicated. Many managers suspect that an employee is “working the system” and taking part in FMLA abuse. Have you ever wondered – does this employee really need medical leave? What can I ask the employee about the leave? Can I require the employee to turn in a doctor’s note? Can I get a second opinion? This webinar will answer these and other questions and provide guidance on managing suspected FMLA abuse, and will include an update on the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decisions and their impact on FMLA leave.


Using job descriptions to curb FMLA abuse
What paperwork is required… and allowed
Special concerns related to intermittent (reduced-schedule) FMLA leave
What disciplinary actions you can and should use
How to establish effective policies for employees on leave
At what point should termination be considered
Learn proper techniques for investigating FMLA leave abuse

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