Shifting the Mindset: Leading Consciously Now – LIVE WEBINAR


Moving up in today’s culturally rich, generationally diverse, and global marketplace takes on new meaning for emerging leaders.  The same old skillset (intellectually-based) and the same old mindset (the emotional framework for leaving feelings at home) no longer works.  Many upcoming emerging leaders have been courageous to step out in directions often less traveled and more entrepreneurially (particularly females) yet struggle with their voice of confidence and positive influence in how they show up as advancing professionals. This can take its toll on how well people follow when they see effective leadership lacking.

Using the neuroscience of our brain behavior, Debra provides simple yet powerfully effective strategies on how to make small differences that show up in big ways.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Uncover 5 ways how today’s leaders tend to disappoint.
  • Discover what your workforce is craving today and how you can make a difference.
  • Where do you stand in Emotional Intelligence (not just Intellectual Intelligence)?
  • Learn 8 habits to be wildly successful (like Virgin Air’s Branson, Starbuck’s Schulz, and even Benjamin Franklin).
  • Invest in 3 immediate steps to build your leadership skills in ways that take you to new heights!

What you will gain is a deep appreciation for knowing who you are (and who you’re not), how you can grow, and how you can show up in influential and persuasive ways that lead to improved relationships, healthy cultures for employee engagement, higher productivity, and ultimately a better bottom line (not to mention a profound sense of peace by doing the right thing for yourself and those around you).

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