Sexual & Workplace Harassment 2018 – LIVE WEBINAR

Sexual & Workplace Harassment 2018 – New Paradigms in Workplace Harassment

It is imperative that employers periodically review their anti-harassment efforts and for some up the seriousness of their efforts. Because the level of acceptability regarding conduct related to harassment is changing every day. What would have been acceptable even a year ago, very well may not be acceptable today.

To raise awareness of harassment as prohibited in your workplace, training is essential. If an employer wants to avoid or limit legal liability in harassment claims acting to prevent and correct the harassment is critical. As such, training and a good policy play not just a huge part in creating a respectful workplace but can be an employer’s first line of defense in legal challenges. How the employer acts (or not) upon complaints is the second critical piece of an employer’s defense or lack thereof.

This webinar will cover the three important aspects of avoiding workplace harassment problems: policy, training, and investigations.

Meeting employee expectations regarding harassment free workplaces.
What is harassment and other workplace harassment – defined.
Harassment training today – what training needs to include.
How to audit your existing training
EEOC considerations
How to audit and update your harassment policy.
What to add, what to keep and what might need to go
How managers are the front line in preventing harassment.
Educating managers in their responsibilities to prevent and correct harassment, including the importance of their reporting responsibilities.
Steps to take if you get a complaint.
Appropriate steps to take when harassment allegations are founded.
Diversity dinosaurs = more evidence. What to do with those individuals who just “don’t get it.”
Stopping complaint retaliation in its tracks.

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