Results Without Authority – LIVE WEBINAR

Results Without Authority: Holding People Accountable Whether They Report to You or Not

In a world where you get results through teams and teamwork, holding people accountable is the key to driving success. Come hear accomplished thought leader and professional trainer, Julie Kowalski of Spizzerinctum Group, share why people need to be held accountable in today’s workplace and how you can make that happen.  Walk away with an understanding of why people fail to deliver, why we don’t hold people accountable even when we know we should AND learn the PROVEN method for holding people accountable (even your bosses) in a positive and consistently effective manner.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how to develop a new context about accountability – one in which team members and bosses welcome responsibility and deliver agreed-upon results
  • Significantly increase responsibility/ownership & results
  • Eliminate the blame game/citing confusion/uncertainty for inaction
  • Build stronger, more positive & productive relationships with bosses, and the executive team


Participants will walk away with a strong understanding of:

  1. Exactly what accountability is and what it is not
  2. Why people fail to do what they said they would do
  3. Why people don’t hold others accountable and how to overcome this phenomenon
  4. The 6 proven and simple steps to effectively hold people accountable

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