Reengaging the Disengaged Employee – LIVE WEBINAR


In this webinar we will explore the reasons employees become disengaged and the options employers have for turning the situation around. One thing is clear, corrective action usually isn’t the answer. It usually just serves to further alienate the employee. We will look at the symptoms of disengagement, the potential causes, and possible employer responses to the situation so that you are more confident in dealing with your disengaged employees.

Reengaging the disengaged employee is a challenge and by the time you see the problem it may be too late to salvage the employee. This is different from creating an engaged workforce. In this case the employee was engaged and now they have somehow fallen off the rails. When it spirals out of control either the employee resigns or they are terminated. In either case nobody wins.

In the beginning Justin was a good employee but lately he has lacked the drive and dedication that we once saw. Now his performance and quality has dropped and his attitude is sour. As his supervisor you have been thinking that he either needs to step up to the plate or move on to something different. The company has invested a lot in Justin and doesn’t want to lose him but his behavior is no long acceptable. What do you do?

You Will Learn

  • The impact of disengagement to the company and the employee
  • The difference between fully engaged, engaged, and actively disengaged employees
  • Factors that influence disengagement and engagement
  • Assessing the signs and symptoms of the disengaged
  • Solutions and best practices for dealing with disengagement
  • How management must play a major role in the solution
  • Determining when it’s time to terminate a failed relationship
  • How to create an engaging environment
  • Three key causes of disengagement
  • Assessing management vs. employee responsibility
  • 26 characteristics of great managers
  • 9 key causes of disengagement and how you can respond
  • The role of coaching and mentoring
  • Five essential components to successful coaching
  • Five key steps to creating an effective action plan
  • How to integrate retention interviews into your solution
  • 12 proactive steps to keep engaged employees engaged
  • Learn the 10 “C’s” of engagement

Upon completion of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Cite the key reasons for employee disengagement
  • Understand the impact of disengagement
  • Identify the primary causes of disengagement
  • Recognize the symptoms of disengaged employees and how to respond
  • Identify the five components of coaching
  • Cite the five steps to creating an action plan
  • Understand the roles of management and the employee

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