Purchasing Law: Terms & Conditions of a Contract – Virtual

Purchasing Law

T’s and C’s of a ContractBecause purchasing and sales professionals must ensure that contracts protect the interests of their organizations, the ability to understand contract clauses is a key skill. This seminar addresses many of the standard terms found in most contracts as well as imparting contract literacy. Discussions include key terminology and clauses that you will be able to use when forming agreements with your suppliers or buyers. The session gives the non-legal person a comfort with reading and understanding a contract both at work as well as for your own personal use. Extensive examples of contract language are provided. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own contracts, clauses, and/or purchase orders for a hands-on review session.

Who should attend

Both new and experienced contracting, purchasing, and sales professionals who desire to understand basic contract premises and law, as well as a detailed introduction to contract terms and conditions.

You will learn

  • Five elements of an enforceable contract
  • The use of 20+ common contract clauses (terms and conditions) for goods and services
  • When different clauses should and should not be used
  • How to draft better contract clauses
  • The impact of electronic purchasing on contracting

You will earn 14 CE Hours Course outline

  1. Overview of laws that impact contracts; Review of basic contract law concepts
  2. Contract formation: How to construct legally binding agreements
  3. Interpretation of contract language; Legal wording that is and is not necessary in agreements
  4. Purchase orders, blanket orders, request for proposals, requests for quotation, letters of intent, and contracts
  5. A review of cases involving contract clauses and risk
  6. Detailed discussion of a variety of contract clauses (terms and conditions) for goods and services
  7. Drafting contract terms and conditions from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective

What Attendees Are Saying:

“This class was great. I learned a lot!”

“I handle contracts every day – very valuable class!”

“Learning about the structure and analysis of the terms and conditions was really helpful. I will use this day to day in the negotiation of contracts, reviewing points and improving agreements.”


All students attending the session will need to be paid for and registered. Each student MUST have a laptop with a working microphone AND camera.

Class materials will be sent to the email address you submit in your registration.

Cancellations/refunds/transfers must be completed no later than 10 business days from the registration closing due to shipment dates. Substitutions of students from the same company may occur up to the morning of the class.

Due to exchange rate complications, all pricing is in USD regardless of where the class occurs. Eventbrite fees include .99 per transaction plus a small credit card processing charge.


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