Purchase Order Fundamentals

Purchase Orders can be a cause for much confusion and potential errors.  Join Kenneth Jones as he walks you through the Purchase Order process from A to Z and clears up common misconceptions and helps you avoid common pitfalls.  This program will start at the beginning of initiating a PO and go all the way through payments and delivery.  Walk away with a better understanding of the PO process, the best practices for working with POs and strategies that will help you avoid the errors that commonly occur in the PO process.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand how to initiate the PO process
  • Learn best practices for receiving orders
  • Gain knowledge of the proper payment procedures
  • Lean how to properly track deliveries and proactively avoid issues
  • Understand the online ordering process as it relates to POs
  • Gain a better understanding of the processes used with procurement cards
  • Walk away with the confidence to avoid the most common pitfalls presented by the PO process

Learning Objectives:

  • Drafting a PO
  • Learning payment terms
  • Learning tracking methods
  • Being aware of other internal stakeholders’ requirements
  • Using alternate ordering methods i.e. online or procurement cards

Join Kenneth Jones as he walks you through the PO process from start to finish and helps you avoid the pitfalls.