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Diversity 101: Leverging the Power of Inclusion, Equity & Respect

How You Will Benefit

An inclusive workplace doesn’t need to be elusive! As organizations and customer bases become increasingly diverse, employees need to be able to engage and work through differences in a positive manner that supports productivity, teamwork and customer satisfaction. This program addresses the “respect and inclusion” component of diversity – from the employee’s perspective. Topics include: unconscious (hidden) bias, cultural competence, diversity moments, gender & gender identity, rumors & gossip, joking and improper expressions.

Diversity 101: Leveraging the Power of Inclusion, Equity & Respect is designed to help you recognize and respond to the diversity and inclusion dynamics that are often grounded in individual and cultural differences. This workshop will assist you in dealing with the individual and cultural differences that impact relationships with co-workers, customers, and other stakeholders that are critical to the success of your organization.

Diversity is about the unique individual, cultural, and organizational characteristics that affect the workforce, customers, and business practices. When people from different backgrounds come together, they bring interests, concerns, and meanings that reflect their individual and group experiences. The dynamics resulting from this blending of different experiences and perspectives is known as diversity.

Equity in a workplace means everyone receives fair treatment. When equity exists, people have equal access to opportunities.

Inclusion gives a sense of belonging; it gives people a sense of being respected and valued for who they are and what they bring or contribute to the organization. Inclusion is the opportunity and ability to contribute when the diversity people bring is welcomed, valued, respected, and treated fairly.

Diversity and inclusion are not the same; they are inter-related and inter-dependent. Inclusion allows us to leverage the advantages of diversity. Diversity without inclusion focuses on differences without necessarily seeing similarities or respecting the differences.

Learning Objectives

After completing this program, you will better be able to:

•Describe the competitive advantage of diversity and inclusion.

•Describe the diversity and inclusion dynamics that lead to diversity moments.

•Explain the importance of recognizing and responding to diversity and inclusion dynamics.

•Describe the presence and influence of unconscious bias.

•Recognize the importance of self-awareness and self-management in building cultural competency.

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