ONLINE: Workplace Investigations – Avoiding this Litigation Landmine

Employers across the US conduct employee relations investigations every day. These fact-findings uncover problems, hope to limit legal liability and solve employee relations problems. Some laws require an investigation. Other laws require investigations as a means for an employer hoping to limit their legal liability. As such, investigations are a common and necessary function of HR.

In theory, investigating sounds easy but in reality, more often is not. Every investigation is different and it’s an unusual investigation when you have a single, simple complaint and every employee involved is factual and cooperative.

However, it is important that those who perform investigations learn how to not only conduct a competent investigation but also learn how to plan for the very real likelihood of employee non-cooperation and/or tangled issue complaints in their investigations.

This webinar will teach you how to conduct best practice investigations while taking into consideration the real life problems that often affect workplace investigations.


  • Legal standards applicable to potential claims
  • Best practice policies and procedures of competent investigations.
  • Legal standards applicable to potential claims
  • Understanding harassment and importance of investigations in workplace
  • Effective handling of investigations and methods to avoid costly claims
  • Hypothetical situations with examples of effective investigation techniques
  • Summary of Current Harassment movement and need for effective investigations

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