ONLINE – Working Remote: Strategies for Maximizing Productivity

Companies are encouraging employees to work remotely at an increasing pace, which is making it critical to prepare employees to work effectively in out-of-office or home-office environments. Successful remote and teleworkers have a combination of strong communication with their office coupled with superb computer and organizational skills. This webinar is designed to help participants understand the issues and challenges of working remotely and provide specific methods and systems to overcome these constraints. This training will explore communication tools that promote better engagement among remote colleagues. The course will also provide strategies to improve efficiency managing information and how to prioritize to get the desired performance results whether working in or out of the office.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand how to stay connected with colleagues and supervisors while working remotely
  • Understand key aspects to create an effective team
  • Understand how to set up an effective home-office space and environment
  • Learn various guidelines to support boundaries working from home with family members
  • Define a work/life balance strategy and how to integrate into daily life
  • Learn strategies on how to manage documents and information while working remotely
  • Learn how to effective plan work-from-home days vs. work days in the office
  • Learn time management strategies working from home that limit distractions and keep your focus
  • Learn about online meeting apps features to support team collaboration and engagement

Whether you are working remotely or working with others who are working remotely this is a must attend event.  Join K.J. McCorry as she takes you step-by-step through proven strategies for maximizing your productivity in a work at home environment.


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