Online – Using Actionable HR Analytics to Drive Business Performance

Even small companies have plenty of data that HR can use to make a difference. And you don’t have to be an analyst to figure it out. Who’s most likely to be thinking about quitting? If you know where your employees live, you can make some predictions. What skills should you be hiring or training for in the coming months? In this webinar, the speaker will discuss how predictive analytics can help HR to provide additional value to the business, and some tips for where to start with analytics projects.


  • How to understand what the business metrics are and identify metrics within HR that can impact those business drivers.
  • The importance of using different metrics for different purposes – the metrics we use to drive HR performance may be different than the HR metrics we use to drive business performance.
  • Ensure we tell a compelling story in the language of the business, not HR, when presenting metrics


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