ONLINE: Upskilling and Reskilling Current Employees Skills


Good employees are hard to find. Let’s re-write that to reflect reality: Dedicated, passionate, self-motivated, hard-working employees are hard to find and even harder to keep. This is the exact reason why upskilling and reskilling your current talent pool to fill your skill gap is vital to your company’s success.

Areas Covered During Training:

  • Why consider reskilling and upskilling? To fill vacant positions, create career paths, ensure long talent retention and retain knowledge.
  • Reskilling talented employees whose current skills and job duties may become obsolete due to technological advances.
  • Upskilling talented employees with high potential in order to create your future project management and leadership team.
  • Align desired skills with each business unit’s needs while determining forecasted supply for your talent base.

Why Should You Attend:
More than half of companies around the world cannot find the skills they are looking for, thereby leaving jobs requisitions unfilled, projects not completed, clients lost and large revenue shortfalls. The solution is reskilling and upskilling to fill the technical and management gaps.


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