We may think that price is king but the main reason customers leave for a competitor is because of poor customer service. Customer service isn’t rocket science so why do most companies fall short? One study found that 80% of companies thought they delivered superior service but only 8% of their customers agreed. We all have room to improve.

It is an invitation to leave when employees act with indifference and don’t appreciate the real value of a customer. And we all know that there is plenty of competition to scoop up customers when we fail to meet or exceed their needs. We also know that it is much easier to retain a customer than to find a new one.

Most employees want to do the right thing but many don’t know the essentials of top customer service or they just need a reminder. Any employee (regardless of industry) who has contact with customers has the potential to retain customers or chase them away. An investment in employee training is an investment in sustaining and growing your business. This program provides critical information all employees need to know to deliver the type of service your customers expect.


What participants will learn:

  • Understand value of customers and why that is important to every employee
  • Find out who the customer really is
  • Establish service standards for providing excellent service
  • Understand the foundations of customer service
  • Who is responsible for providing quality customer service.
  • The benefits of providing quality customer service.
  • The consequences of providing poor customer service.
  • Differentiate between the golden rule and platinum rule of customer service
  • Techniques for getting to know their customers and making a good first impression.
  • The importance of knowing a customer’s needs.
  • Understand the key components of creating a customer service culture
  • The importance of building strong, professional relationships.
  • Understand a 5-step process for service recovery.
  • Managers and leaders will understand their role in creating a customer service culture

Participants will receive:

  • A copy of the presentation
  • A sample assessment for evaluating the company’s customer service
  • 14 Behavioral interview questions to use in the employee selection process
  • A sample assessment for appraising an individual employee’s customer service
  • 130 Customer service behavioral standards that make a difference
  • 99 Customer service quotes to educate and motivate


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