ONLINE: Succession Planning & Leadership Development


In a study of more than 400 senior-level corporate executives, 55 percent said their company’s performance is likely to suffer in the near future due to insufficient leadership. Is there really a shortage of potential management talent? Most of the time, no. The real problem is poor succession planning. This program will give you an actionable framework to identify and groom your organization’s future leaders.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to identify leadership potential using the “4C” model to measure probability of success in future leadership roles
  • The unique attributes and capabilities that future leaders of your company will need—this is why you need successors, not replacements
  • The 8 core experiences required to transform a high-potential employee into a highly successful leader
  • Why focusing on “leader-centric” development often has an immediate positive impact on the bottom line
  • Strategies for motivating current executives to participate in the development and mentoring of their eventual successors
  • Insuring your company’s future: A blueprint for building a succession planning program across the entire enterprise


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