ONLINE: Success Strategies for The Introverted Leader

A study from the Harvard Business School finds that extroverted leaders can actually be a liability for a company. Extroverts tend to spend a lot of time talking and selling new ideas, internally and externally. The catch is if everyone is an extrovert, they tend to gregariously sell an idea, yet no one is listening or creating a strategic plan to make these ideas happen. No one except the introvert that is! Listening to the deeper message that is being said is the key to success. Guess what? Listening, planning and analyzing comes more easily when you spend less time talking, which just happens to be what introverts thrive on.


Areas Covered During Training:

  • Understanding the differences between extrovert, introvert and ambivert personality preferences
  • Adapting your personality preferences and communication approach depending on the situation: large group meeting, team huddle, small group coaching or one-on-one meetings
  • Creating an environment where everyone, regardless of their natural personality or communication style, feels they can both speak up and be heard

Why Should You Attend:

Extroverts, introverts and ambiverts can all be equally successful. The types and groups of employees and stakeholders make a difference. Leaders must foster an environment that is welcome to all, allows for both speaking and listening and expects both reactive and proactive actions.



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