ONLINE: Stimulus 2.0 – Critical Developments for Employers in 2021


From the persistence of COVID-19 to vaccines to the change in administration, the challenge of managing workplaces when requirements and expectations of employers change daily is at the forefront of 2021.  Recently, federal lawmakers agreed to a second round of stimulus legislation in a nearly 6,000-page bill which allocates $900 billion in economic relief to businesses and workers across the country.


This webinar, Stimulus 2.0, focuses on what employers need to know about critical developments related to the new COVID-19 stimulus including the following:

  • Updates to the revamped Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
  • Purchase and distribute COVID-19 vaccines
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Expansion of unemployment assistance
  • Federal support to governments and non-profit organizations
  • Voluntary leave tax credits
  • Other tax & benefit-related provisions
    • 2019 earned income tax credit
    • Deductibility of business meals (Three Martini Lunch)
    • Employee Retention Tax Credit
    • Flexible Spending Accounts



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