At the onset of the global pandemic, many employers were forced to quickly transition to remote work. While there was awareness of the myriad of legal and practical considerations, understanding them and taking appropriate steps to comply with them did not often happen methodically.

As employers continue to manage through this crisis it makes sense to review company policies and practices, address gaps in work-at-home procedures  and ensure compliance. Just as important, employers need to ensure that their virtual teams and work groups are supported to enhance employee engagement, ensure motivation and drive continuous communication.

Join us for this webinar in which you will gain practical guidance and best practices to enhance your work-from-home arrangements.

This session will provide you with valuable information on the following telework topics:

•    Onboarding and training remote workers
•    Wage and hour risks for non-exempt and salaried employees
•    Practical considerations for supervising and managing remote employees, including expectations, accountability, and home office expenses
•    Work-from-home policy and agreement: why both are important
•    Teleworking and reasonable accommodation
•    Data security considerations, including privacy, confidentiality, and company assets

Why Should You Attend:

With the sheer volume of information, governmental regulations, and public health guidance, it can be overwhelming for employers to understand their obligations pertaining to work-from-home arrangements. For some employers, virtual work policies existed prior to the pandemic. For others, remote work is completely new.

This webinar is designed to provide employers with specific points to consider and integrate into existing work-from-home arrangements. If you believe that there may be gaps in your policies and procedures, or if you’re looking to enhance your existing telework arrangements with best practices, then join us on this special webinar.

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