ONLINE: Purchasing Series – Negotiations Preparations (2 Day)

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Negotiations Preparation

The true art and science of a negotiation does not begin when the buyer or seller arrives at the table – that is the easy part. A negotiation is won during the preparation and discovery phase of the process. This is where you realize what the counterpart wants, needs or has to have for success. Having the confidence of being able to walk in and to know success is eminent and satisfaction can be secured is a very persuasive and powerful tool.

The session explores the feature of both the art of a negotiation and the science behind every successful negotiation. Also, being in command at the table is a strength every person should convey and a tool to impress higher levels of management with your influence.

Taking part of our Purchasing Series classes has more benefit than just great training – it also allows you the opportunity to earn the Automotive Buyer Certificate and the Advanced Automotive Buyer Certificate!

Taught by Bill Agee C.P.M., A.P.P., CEM, CMN, CPP, CPE, CPIM, CPCM – this highly sought after instructor brings a wealth of knowledge and real work experience expertise to each subject.

Completion of the first six classes will earn you the Honda Supplier Training Automotive Buyer Certificate (HOST ABC). Taking three of the four new classes will earn you the Advanced Automotive Buyer Certificate. Learn more at

All of our purchasing series classes are certified through the Institute of Supply Management and can be used as continuing education credits for the CPSM certification.


8:00am – 4:00pm

Instructor: Bill Agee

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