ONLINE: Project Management Fundamentals (4, 3-hour sessions)

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Many projects are performed by highly competent and effective people who have little or no project management training. They perform projects like process improvement, marketing campaign development, new product development, event planning and production, and other “tasks” which are projects.

Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) is designed to support those people who need a solid foundation in project management, without being unnecessarily burdened to learn it while on the job. The course offers practical skills, concepts, and principles that can be taken back to the workplace, along with insights needed to adapt them to specific project environments.

Since PMF’s course goal is to achieve quality performance by learning effective planning and control, the focus is on a process orientation and an analytical, systems-oriented approach.  Together, these frameworks promote project-related problem solving and decision-making skills necessary for real world projects.  They honor project needs for collaboration, clear communications among people, and interpersonal and relationship skills.  Recognition of these needs are woven throughout PMF, but are highlighted in two specific areas: Module 2 – People and Projects; and Module 8 – Executing, Communicating, and Developing the Team.

The design of PMF as a learning experience is also rooted in real world perspectives.  It minimizes instructor-led segments (~30%) while maximizing time devoted to interactive events (~70%), including whole group discussions, structured groupings, case study-based team exercises, individual reflection, and creation of a Personal Action Plan. Built into the experience are also embedded interactive role plays and puzzles.

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