Online – Privacy and Confidentiality Under the NLRB

When prior precedence reverses by the National Labor Relations Board, it can often be overlooked by employers with no union representation in the workplace. However, the decisions of the NLRB in December 2019 certainly affect both union and non-union employees.

Specifically, the NLRB held that employers may require confidentiality by employees during open workplace investigations and employers may prohibit employees from using company-provided email for non-business purposes.

This training will start with the background of these two topics by reviewing prior precedents under the NLRB. It will then take you through the details of the most recent decisions, helping to guide you on what you should review with your own workplace policies and procedures.

Join us for this webinar that is sure to arm you with the information you need to be compliant with the December 2019 decisions.

Areas Covered During Training:
•    Review previous NLRB guidance regarding confidentiality requirements by employers to employees.
•    Provide details for employers to generally require confidentiality for the duration of any workplace investigation, as updated by the NLRB in 2019.
•    Clarify limitations to these more employer-friendly rules so as not to adversely impact employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act.
•    Describe allowances for employers to restrict the use of company email for non-business purposes by employees.
•    Enumerate follow-up steps for employers to take to update workplace policies.

Why Should You Attend:
Even if your employees are not represented by a union, the NLRB rules affect your work policies and practices. With every employer conducting workplace investigations, employers need to familiarize themselves with details issued by the NLRB to require confidentiality obligations for employees under certain circumstances. At the same time, use of employer-provided email technology was clarified by NLRB in December 2019. If you have not updated your employee handbook and workplace policies to conform to these updates, be sure to join us in this special training webinar.

Who Should Attend:
•    Human resources professionals at all levels
•    Labor relations specialists
•    Employer relations specialists


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