Online: Power-up Empowerment (a program for retention!!)

    • This 3hr on-line learning event will highlight an integrated Empowerment System of Tools, specific Leadership Practices and Principles.

Empowerment Tools. Learn two powerful and simple tools you can apply on your own or facilitate with your team! Visually see how empowered your team is. Be an empowering leader… with a plan! Minimize confusion and maximize ownership. Build targeted capability to fuel your empowerment plan.

Empowering Leadership Practices. Old habits never die if you don’t have alternatives. Learn simple leadership “scripts” that truly empowering leaders employ. The empowering leader provides instructive and motivational feedback. The empowering leader responds to ideas in a way that fosters initiative AND critical thinking. The empowering leader uses the power of questions to evoke growth and excellence from others.

Empowering Beliefs & Principles. Deeper than tools and practice are the fundamental beliefs & principles empowering leaders put into practice. Learn and assess yourself against 11 critical empowerment beliefs and principles.



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