ONLINE: Politics and Religion: Controlling The Conversation As An Employer


Discussions about religion and politics can be passionate inside and outside the workplace. This webinar reviews legal obligations and restraints regarding controlling political and religious conversations in the workplace, employee relations recommendations and the impact your policies and practices have on your brand.

Areas Covered During Training:

1.The topic of religion in the workplace involves consideration of discrimination based on Title VII and reasonable accommodations

2.Banning religious conversations at work can be considered harassment and discriminatory if not addressed properly and consistently if not aligned with practices regarding other personal expression at work.

3.As a private employer, you have the authority to set policies and practices around political conversations and politically motivated activities. While many people believe the opposite, the Constitutional right to free speech does not apply in private workplaces.

4.The main questions we need to be asking about these conversations are: Is it respectful? Is it welcome? It is harassment? It is disruptive or simply annoying?

5.This session will also review a high-level overview of an official anti-harassment policy, reporting and investigation procedures. Why? The use of consistency and diplomacy is the best advice.

Why Should You Attend:

Today’s heated conversations regarding both politics and religion in the USA and worldwide require a well-equipped professional to intervene in uncomfortable conversations, as well as to train managers, to avoid potential harassment and discrimination complaints.  Low morale, turnover and damage to your company brand should also be a top concern.


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