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Personalization of Benefits

Personalization of Benefits – Aurora Training Advantage

Employees want to feel like an individual that matters not just another number. One way to do this is to allow for personalization of employee benefits. From healthcare plans and childcare assistance, to remote work options or flexible work hours, retirement and financial wellness plans, auto insurances, flu shots, gym memberships and of course plenty of training & development opportunities.

Areas Covered During Training:

1.Statistical results regarding mental stress and the impact on health care costs as well as engagement and loyalty in the workplace

2.Legalities around full and partial participation of select benefit offerings & what to watch out for

3.Unique benefits options that other companies are offering which may not cost a dime

Why Should You Attend:

A 2003 medical study shows that mental stress has an enormous impact on physical health. So why not help employees and their families reduce stress? It is a win-win! Plus, 73% of employees say that customized benefits increase their loyalty. There is a shortage of talented, reliable workers worldwide. We must do everything we can to attract and then retain and engage great workers. Personalization of benefits is no easy feat however it will be worth it as you watch your performance increase and your turnover decrease.


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