ONLINE: Online DiSC Personal Style: Assessment, Insight & Application

Personal Style: Assessment, Insight & Application

Personal Style is the bottom-line determinant of how effective a person will be when working with other people as team member, team leader or as a manager. One’s behavioral style determines how a person perceives the world, other people and acts or reacts in it. Personal style can either be a constraint limiting a person’s future or an asset opening up new opportunities.


The primary goal of Personal Style: Assessment, Insight & Application is to help participants understand their style well enough to flex how they behave so as to bring the best out of others.


Objectives/Benefits. Through this face paced and interactive program you will:

◆ Understand the psychological attributes of each dimension of personal style.

◆ Determine the type of work environment best suited for each style.

◆ Identify the strengths and negative “extensions” inherent in each style.

◆ Explore how styles can be compatible and complementary.

◆ Create personal effectiveness improvement plans; attributes to ampliphy, attribtes to restrain, and attributes to sustain.

◆ Link personal style to different approaches to interacting with others.

◆ Understand how personal style may change under stress or in ambiguous situations.

◆ Learn techniques to gauge the style of others.


Methodology: Personal Style: Assessment, Insight & Application is an active and interactive learning experience. Participants use the report and assessment on their personal style to create behavior change plans in order to have a positive impact on others and the organization. Participants gain an appreciation and understanding of the range of styles through online activities and small group discussions with others who posses similar and different styles


Format: Pre-work; Online DiSC assessment. Four hour interactive online workshop with break-outs sessions, vurtual flip charts and robust materials.


Who Should Attend: People who work with other people — managers, supervisors, team members, technical staff and support staff.


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