ONLINE: Leading Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams

High-performing teams are a must in this world of intense competition and higher expectations. Global virtual teaming has become a necessity as organizations become increasingly distributed and suppliers and clients actively engage in joint projects. Teams work across geographical and organizational boundaries to deliver solutions and services to global users where distance and differences, both geographic and cultural, amplify the effect of issues and factors that are relatively straightforward when managing a team of people in the same location.

This course delivers practical concepts and techniques that participants will start using immediately on their global projects.

This course is designed for:

  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Others responsible for managing and working on cross-cultural global projects or tasks and with teams that work predominantly in virtual mode

Note: Different versions of the course can be presented to participants at different management levels within an organization. Participants should have experience working on or managing projects that span cultural and/or geographical boundaries.

What you will learn

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Define relationships among foundational concepts (leadership and three dimensions of diversity) and explain their potential impacts on project performance
  • Describe key components of successful project leadership and build selected Transformational Leadership skills
  • Prepare to convert project challenges stemming from personal or cultural diversity into potential competitive advantage
  • Implement selected best practices to meet key challenges facing virtual project teams
  • Foster and grow an environment that supports continued success for CCVTs

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