ONLINE: Introduction to Design Thinking

Innovation is the cornerstone of highly successful companies, especially those that continue to be successful over the years and decades. Design thinking practices fuel this continual innovation, as they are the critical links from inspiration to delivery, concept to showroom floor, and start-up to global business.

Design thinking is a structured approach to promoting innovation and creative problem-solving. It is not a new approach. It has been around for centuries, as the art, architecture, and inventions of mankind illustrate.  By examining the steps to achieving great design and maximum utility of product, design thinking approaches provide a framework in which to develop new solutions to problems and new products to sell.

This highly interactive course is designed to help participants think like designers to generate innovation, and to help teams to produce more innovation and creativity.  Since design thinking is based on doing rather than thinking, participants are challenged to apply the techniques, in the classroom, to create new ideas and solutions to a case study project.

This course is designed for:

Anyone who is interested in obtaining skills for enabling innovation.

What you will learn

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Explain the underlying principles and value of using design thinking for innovation
  • Describe the basic concepts of a leading design thinking methodology
  • Apply tools like scenario mapping and storytelling to prototype solutions
  • Apply critical thinking to problems and solutions
  • Drive innovation through design thinking


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