ONLINE: Implementing Ethical Adherence by Creating a Cultural Pledge

Today, we will create a sample Cultural Pledge in order to highlight the ethical requirements which all of your employees and stakeholders are expected to abide by. This Cultural Pledge will be used in all employee life cycles (from recruiting to exit) to ensure everyone understands the company’s behavioral expectations and is held responsible accordingly. Management and HR will be responsible for first, “living” this Cultural Pledge and second, for holding employees accountable to upholding this pledge and will also be held accountable to the same pledge.


The Cultural Pledge shall include 3 sections:

1.Developing of a Standards of Conduct (day-to-day conduct/ rules)

  • This will clearly lay out your expectations and promoted Consistency, Fairness and Justice.
  • Conflicts of Interest will also be outlined in order to retain Trust and Integrity

2.Implementing Company Values/ Guiding Principles at Work

  • These will allow individuals to be held Responsible for their decisions and actions while also allowing them to speak up or report any violations
  • These will allow individuals, regardless of their role, to display Ethical Leadership by serving as a role model and maintaining the highest standards of ethical

3.Utilizing Respect & Civility to avoid unintentional Harassment & Bias

  • This is an opportunity for personal Professional Development for attendees. You will learn that, often, claims of Harassment or Bias start with lack of respect or civility.
  • Developing employee and manager training on Respect and Civility in relations to the Cultural Pledge is more effective that the dry and boring Anti-Harassment Training (although it will contain the training as well, but in an easy to understand format)

Why You Should Attend?

Get the credits you need for HRCI certification, but more importantly learn to put tools in place that will control undesired behavior at work and promote desired behaviors, including ethical decision making at every level of the employee, manager and HR structure.



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