ONLINE: Identifying and Overcoming the Blind Spots Holding You Back

We all have blind spots.  Every human being has a physical blind spot, a point in their field of vision where they simply cannot see.  We also have blind spots that hold us back from achieving our goals and overall success. Human nature is such that our perception of ourselves is closely related to our intentions and the positive behaviors we feel we exhibit.  The perceptions others have of us, unfortunately, is closely related to their experiences with our negative behaviors, thus a huge disconnect.

When we identify and gain clarity of our real or potential blind spots we can overcome them and significantly improve, not only our performance, but also our relationships and success.

In this interactive and engaging session, speaker extraordinaire, Julie Kowalski of the Spizzerinctum Group will share the most common blind spots and provide tips and tools to overcome them, helping each of us take our careers to the next level.


Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand what a blind spot is and why identifying yours is so important.
  • Gain insight into the most common blind spots that hold people back.
  • Learn how to identify your blind spots.
  • Gain strategies for overcoming your blind spots.

You do not want to miss this session!  Participate in this dynamic and engaging presentation from one of the world’s most creative thinkers and walk away with knowing exactly how to identify and overcome your blind spots and achieve even greater success!

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