ONLINE – Handling COVID-19 OSHA Complaints

As COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise, so too does the number of complaints to state and federal Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) agencies from employees regarding COVID-19 safety measures in the workplace (or lack thereof).  In fact, by the end of 2020, employees throughout the nation had made more than 11,000 COVID-19-related complaints to federal OSHA and over 39,000 COVID-19-related complaints to state OSHA agencies.  This session will cover what employers need to know to help protect employees from illness and to help avoid potential citations.



  • Learn how OSHA responds to employee complaints.
  • What to expect if OSHA conducts an on-site inspection or a Rapid Response Inspection.
  • Best practices for drafting an Infection Control Plan or COVID-19 Response Plan.
  • Steps to make sure your organization is in compliance with OSHA and/or CDC guidance, including social distancing, Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting the workplace, and quarantining employees who have an exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case.

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