ONLINE: Future Proof Your Career – Making Yourself Indispensable


The workplace is changing faster than ever, and if you don’t adapt, you may find yourself left behind. Discover what you can do to keep your skills cutting edge and why staying relevant is critical. We’ll include tips for reinventing yourself as needed to adjust to a future of automation and a post-COVID workplace.

The skills needed in the future workplace don’t necessarily align with the present skills that employees possess. Employers are rapidly transitioning their entire infrastructure through automation and artificial intelligence and that has only been accelerated with COVID-19. How can you ensure that you stay relevant in an office that is changing by the day? This session will focus on the changes that employees need to make to be prepared for whatever tomorrow’s workplace looks like. Marie will discuss what type of automation and artificial intelligence have already  been introduced into the workplace and what is likely on the horizon. She’ll identify the key mindset changes that every employee needs to make in order to adapt  and be proactive with their careers. She’ll also discuss what employers are looking for and why as they retrain current employees and hire new employees. Don’t be left behind as the world evolves!


Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Explore the value that you currently bring to the workplace.
  • Discover the technology that exists RIGHT NOW and what’s coming on the horizon.
  • Understand the unique skills and mental qualities that employers are seeking in the workplace.
  • Create a strategy for how you are going to adapt as the workplace changes.
  • Develop your skills to increase your employability.

Marie will show you what the future holds and get you thinking about the steps you can take to make sure you are ready to embrace it.



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