ONLINE: Form 1099 Essentials

Form 1099 Essentials is the webinar that will help you understand what 1099 reporting is, why it is important, and what could happen to your company if it is not done. In this information packed program you’ll gain a broad understanding of Form 1099 reporting, with special focus on the Forms 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC. You’ll learn the key elements needed to comply with IRS requirements and discover how best to respond to the IRS.


  • Learn the key elements that make for successful 1099 reporting
  • Discover what you are required to 1099 report and how to recognize when those payments are reportable
  • Get an in depth-look at the Form 1099-NEC/MISC boxes, the most commonly used forms for 1099 reporting
  • Learn what information you need from your payee to properly report a payment
  • Discover how to use the W-9 to collect the correct information and when you are required to obtain a signed W-9


  • Find out how to use the IRS TIN Matching Program and how it can help ensure the information you have is correct

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