ONLINE: Employee Discipline for Conduct Outside of Work

Employers have enough to do in disciplining employees for on duty conduct without having to worry about employees’ off duty conduct. The line between on duty and off duty conduct is not always so bright, however. And, unfortunately, employees’ off duty conduct sometimes affects the workplace. When does an employer have the right to discipline employees for the off duty behavior?


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Types of off duty behavior that become your problem
  • Dealing with sexual misconduct between employees that occurs off duty
  • Dealing with off duty behavior that makes your company look bad
  • Dealing with employees who have run ins with the law while off duty
  • Dealing with employees use of social media while off duty
  • How state lifestyle discrimination statutes may limit your rights to discipline
  • Can you discipline for off duty conduct at all? Don’t employees have some right of privacy?

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