ONLINE: Effective Job Rotation Programs: Development and Implementation

Job rotations are used in talent management to build competencies. But how are job rotations effectively used?  What common challenges appear with them, and how are those challenges addressed effectively? This live webinar will address these and related questions.

Many organizations use job rotations to engage employees and to build their competencies. They are common in talent management programs. But there are challenges with them. One is that the job rotations are not effectively planned and managed. A second is that job rotations may build unrealistic expectations. This live webinar will demonstrate how to manage job rotations and how to overcome common challenges with them.

One example of a rotation: a manager is asked to set up a new call center. The challenge is to demonstrate ability to launch new business ventures. But the manager is not told that or what success or failure in the rotation what might mean.

Another example: a manager is asked to turn around a failing customer service operation. The manager is told that she is to learn more about customer service. But the manager is not told why she needs to learn that or what success or failure might mean. There is no ongoing discussion of success or failure, and after a year in the job the manager is surprised to hear that her efforts were not regarded as successful and she was terminated.

Challenges with Job Rotations

  • Types of job rotations: Start ups, shutdowns, turnarounds, and others
  • Common challenges with job rotations
  • Challenge 1: Identifying the competencies to be built and matching them with the expediency of business needs
  • Challenge 2: Managing expectations of workers on what success on a rotation will mean for their future
  • Challenge 3: Providing regular, specific feedback on performance and on development
  • Other challenges
  • How to overcome the challenges
  • The future of job rotations

Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to discuss why rotations are used.
  • You will be able to identify types of rotations.
  • You will be able to explain common challenges with job rotations.
  • You will be able to review the future of job rotations.

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