ONLINE: DiSC Personal Style: Assessment, Insight & Action

    • Personal Style is the bottom-line determinant of how effective a person will be when working with other people as a team member, team leader or as a manager. One’s behavioral style determines how a person perceives the world, other people and acts or reacts in it. Personal style can either be a constraint limiting a person’s future or an asset opening up new opportunities.

The primary goal of Personal Style: Assessment, Insight & Application is to help participants understand their style well enough to flex how they behave so as to bring the best out of others.

Objectives/Benefits. Through this fast paced and interactive program you will:

◆ Understand the psychological attributes of each dimension of personal style.

◆ Determine the type of work environment best suited for each style.

◆ Identify the strengths and negative “extensions” inherent in each style.

◆ Explore how styles can be compatible and complementary.

◆ Create personal effectiveness improvement plans; attributes to ampliphy, attributes to restrain, and attributes to sustain.

◆ Link personal style to different approaches to interacting with others.

◆ Understand how personal style may change under stress or in ambiguous situations.

◆ Learn techniques to gauge the style of others.


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