ONLINE: Department of Labor’s New Wage and Hour Regulations

The Department of Labor has had a very busy last 12 months.  Between the final rule on overtime, the final rule on joint employment and the final rule on regular rate of pay, we have seen more regulatory action recently than has occurred in years.  Add to all of this proposed regulations on tip credit rules and proposed regulations to modify the rules for the fluctuating workweek, and employers are being inundated with substantial and meaningful changes to the federal wage and hour rules.  This webinar will focus on summarizing all of these changes, and focusing on what to expect in the year to come.


Wage and Hour Regulations Update

  • Overview of final Overtime 2.0 rule
  • Overview of proposed rule on tip credit
  • Overview of final rule on regular rate
  • Overview of proposed rule on Fluctuating Workweek
  • Overview of final rule on Joint Employment
  • DOL’s Request for Information and anticipated actions moving forward
  • What to expect from 2021

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