Online – Contractor vs Employee

IRS and State Agencies have increased their audits of workers classified as Independent Contractors. Why, because both Agencies are looking for more revenue without raising taxes. Misclassification of workers by payees are an easy IRS target. As a result, companies need to be especially careful to ensure that their employee vs contractor classifications are in compliance with the law.


  • IRS 20 factor test for identifying independent contractors.
  • Purpose of Form 8919
  • Purpose of SS-8
  • Purpose of Form 8952
  • Red flags that attract attention of IRS
  • How is a company most likely to be “caught?”
  • The “red flags” companies should look for when performing a self-audit.
  • How to appeal an IRS Employee’s decision – the IRS’s Voluntary Classification Settlement Program Objectives
  • To provide you the tools to avoid contractor vs employee issues.
  • To provide you the tools to handle an employee vs contractor audit.
  • To provide you the tools to appeal and auditor’s decision.

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